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Originally Posted by shawn1331 View Post
Vapors are more towards snapshots and forwards, and supremes are more for defenseman and slapshots. Different kickpoints mostly.
Wrong. It's personal preference. That F / D crap is Bauer marketing and I must say that based on what I've seen time and time again, it's very effective.

Originally Posted by michaelshu View Post
supreme lines have a mid kick point meaning the stick's flexing point will be around the middle of the shaft, generally good for loading power into the stick for big slappers

vapor lines have a low kick point, the stick's flexing point will be focused more on the lower portion of the shaft, intended to help with that quick/snappy shot release

do note that higher end vapor lines have the intelli-sense shot technology, it alters the stick's flex profile by adding another flex point around the middle. so it has 2 flex points
The Vapor is essentially a low-kick stick, Intelli-Sense or not.

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