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01-31-2012, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Mansfield View Post
It annoys me how "won a cup" is the single measuring stick so many people around here use. Plenty of phenomenal players have never won, and plenty of awful players have.
You are right to a point, however, when speaking of players of Joe Thorton's ilk, you would expect hugh results, won the art ross, won the hart, but yet, failed in doing anything in the PO, and by that I mean anything on a personal level. As you stated there are lots of great players who never won a cup, but they were never on a very good team, unlike Joe, he needs to do more, much more in the POs to ever be considered anything other than a individual. Yes it takes a team to win, but when your "supposed" best player is a constant "no show" in the POs it reflects badly on that player. You can talk about olympic gold, world championships, world jrs, but on those teams he was surrounded with the best players, never had to "step up" but in San Jose, he is suppose to be the best player, has yet to show it when it counted.

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