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Originally Posted by Wilch View Post
Apparently there was an U18 tourney in Asia where Korea beat Thailand 92-0. Yes, that is a final score in a hockey game.
Holy camoley. I played hockey in Korea for a couple years against a lot of high end university guys and dudes that played pro in the Asian league. They weren't bad...had a lot of individual skill but no idea how to play well as a team.

Mostly we all played together as a mixed bag. Sometimes we played as a bunch of Canadian/American/Russian guys against all the younger Korean guys that were good from time to time and though we won and lost a couple close ones these guys resembled nothing more than a highish end beer league team.

It was most hilarious when they would get sour and start playing chippy. Korean guys tend to be shorter and skinnier than western folk and we had a handful of really big guys that could hit like freight trains. One time in particular they had to stop the game because someone was going to get killed. Our big ass Rob Blakesque guys were just ruining people.

I can't even imagine how bad the Thai team must have been. Like....epically bad. They must have been out there in their street shoes with blindfolds on.

As for running up the score....ease up a bit...stop celebrating. Don't coast and make the other team feel like ******** babies or do like some other 'sport' was talking about and start playing with opposite handed sticks or something like that.

Just use your common sense. The Golden Rule is a good rule of thumb.

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