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01-31-2012, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
Interesting, but again, yes the NHL would make more $ in Quebec,...but doesn't mean that it should be the only factor to look at in this decision and I hop they realize that....
I don't want to see the Coyotes move to Quebec, until ALL options of moving them to another US city, even besides Seattle, were exhausted.
Again, Quebec, should get an expansion team, instead of a relocated one.
I have no doubt that the NHL is looking into ALL the options other than moving the team in Quebec. After all, the NHL is a business and wants to makes the most money long-term.

This ''Let's grow the game'' argument is not necessarily the direction to go in order to get the most value out of their franchises.
Let's get real here, when the NHL expanded into the southern market to ''grow the game'', they actually simply moved the teams and expanded there because of the positive NPV that those projects could generate at that time (and with their economic forecast).

Since then, the economics of the game and of North America have changed and the value of getting teams in markets like Quebec and Winnipeg is now higher on the medium to long-term than moving them in unproven US markets , especially when you include revenues from TV contracts etc.

Also, the expansion vs. relocation is kind of a moot point. If Quebec is granted an expansion team, it will certainly have SOME negative value impact compared to being granted a relocation. I'm fairly certain that if, RIGHT NOW, both Seattle and Quebec were ready to host NHL teams. Seattle would get the relocation and Quebec would get the expansion because the impact of having a team that sucks would be somewhat reduced in QC. But as of now, it's not worth passing on 4 years or so of certain revenues in Quebec to take a gamble on Seattle right now. You also have to take in the fact that the price of an expansion franchise would have to be lower than the relocation of an established franchise (right...right?)

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