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01-31-2012, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by nyk16 View Post
Thanks for your reply. You've just made my point for me. Spending the entire game in your own end getting scored on repeatedly is no fun for either team. Decimating a clearly inferior team 14-0 is a classless, disrespectful move, period. These are the kind of players and teams that purposely play down a level in their league to win or score as many goals as possible to pad their stats. I would much rather lose a well played close game 3-2 than win a game easily with no effort 7-0.

Have enough class to take it a bit easy if you are up 7-0 on a clearly inferior team, and talk to your tier administrator if the teams are that imbalanced. Then move on to the next game.
What i mean is even if the dominant team stops playing hard for more goals they're still going to control the pace of the game. Just because a team stops scoring goals doesn't mean they're going to back off and give your team some time and space to setup and make some plays in their end. While excessive goal celebrations is one thing, if there's a big gap between teams then it falls to the league to sort them out into proper divisions. The better team may as well just keep scoring to help put the emphasis on how mismatched the teams are.

On the other hand, it could be both teams are properly placed but one has a proper bench and the other has only 7-8 skaters. While I wouldn't recommend complete ruthlessness since you did pay for that ice time so you have every right to skate for your money's worth. Unfortunately for myself the team I've been on the last three years we've been the ones short more often than not and been on the receiving end of that many times, though we finally have a full team every game this winter season

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