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01-31-2012, 04:59 PM
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Originally Posted by PostmanPat1919 View Post
We're only due to hold a draft in the sense that we'd be magically entitled to hold one because the Jets were promised so back in 1996. Otherwise, and more realistically, the league treats the draft as a media event to boost the league's profile and Winnipeg isn't a sufficiently big media market. Also our economic market is already fully saturated and thus there's little to be gained by the league.

As for the All-Star game, see the above. Winnipeg didn't and won't get the All-Star game because the event is a purpose-built media zoo and Winnipeg doesn't have a sufficiently sized media market. That's why the comparison between Winnipeg and Ottawa was as divorced from reality as it was. Ottawa is the nation's capital and is geographically tucked in between the Toronto English language market and the Montreal French language market.
I'm sorry, but I find this ridiculous.

A city's location is irrelevant to this discussion. People who like the ASG are already fans of the league. They will watch, or they won't. It being in a 'smaller media market' (whatever that REALLY means nowadays) has nothing to do with it. All the same media will come to cover it, it will be very well attended, and the exact same number of people will watch it on television and other media. Do you actually think the NHL gained even one fan by having the game in Ottawa this year, or the draft in Minneapolis last summer?

I'd like to hear you explain why having the ASG or draft in Winnipeg would be less meaningful than having it in Ottawa or Minneapolis in a more tangible way than using terms that are as effective as gym-built muscle.

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