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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
1) stop with the periods, unless you take 10 minutes to think between posts.
2) Nominally I would agree but some Canadians are CANADA!!!!!1 no matter what just like members of any country. Me I only support QC first because this broke league needs cash.
However some Canadians don't blindly support a team or city just because it's within Canada. For example, not all Calgarians supported the Oilers when they went to the SCF in 2006 and not all Edmontonians supported the Flames in 2004 just because it's "the Canadian team". Vancouverites generally have more in common with Seattle and Portland than Toronto, Montreal, or Quebec City. Do you think there are more Mariners or Blue Jays fans in Vancouver?

If Quebec City got a team, I suspect that most Canucks fans would probably be generally indifferent as Canucks would play the Nordiques v 2.0 once or twice a year. If Seattle got a team and they met the Canucks in the playoffs a couple times...then there would be a rivalry that has the potential to be like the Battle of Alberta or New York in its prime.

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