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11-09-2003, 09:29 AM
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Pretty well how I feel as well

Originally Posted by lowetide
In the 4 years since this board started, I've spent 4 years defending him.

The only (recent) change in my opinion is that the Oilers can no longer devote any more of this season to seeing him through this slump. They need to move on, because his play is impacting the team, as it certainly did last night.

Tommy right now is like a closer in baseball who blows every lead a team builds. The team played well last night, but Tommy's poor play buried them.

IF that continues for any longer, the season will be lost. That's my opinion, anyway.

If we take Salo's last four seasons, we notice a real change:

00-01 Team MVP
01-02 Solid, but a weak 2nd half is a concern
02-03 Salo no longer steals the game, sp and GAA falling
03-04 Long distance collect call from Arturs Irbe

There's a trend there. I like Tommy Salo, hope he recovers, but it doesn't do any good to deny the trend. PLUS there's been no huge injury, just a long and unending list of new lows.

If Tommy had made his career in Vancouver, he'd be ice fishing in Manitoba this weekend, I'll tell you that.
I also defended Salo but it has become very obvious that he is not the same goalie we had two years ago.

I hope he recovers too but it is becoming or has becoming increasingly obvious that Salo's career may be coming to an end in Edmonton and I think we will find out very quickly if Conklin is number one material.

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