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01-31-2012, 05:30 PM
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I love how optimistic this board is, you rarely ever have to take off your rose coloured glasses. Over the last week I've tried to look at things as objectively as possible and we are in tough. The 15% chance of us making the playoffs sounds about right (if anything a bit high). Realistically we have to go 6 - 10 games above 500 to have a real chance. We still have a lot of injuries and a pop-gun offense, I don't think there is a Philly fan alive that doesn't consider this game an easy 2 points.

I'm not giving up hope but trying to be realistic. I would to see us go on a run and make the playoffs, but I think it is more likely we will have a 5 - 10 pick in the draft with a shot for a real game changer with some lottery luck.

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