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01-31-2012, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Homesick View Post
Hall plus 3 2nd round picks


Sauer = 3 pairing defenseman, Girardi = 28 yo 2nd pairing defenseman, two late 1st round picks(probably within 5-10 of the Oilers 2nds) and two ****** goalie prospects

I see this as when I leave in the morning and I have a $5 bill on my dresser a pile of change. I grab the the $5 and leave the change even though there is probably more than $5 in change there. You're nickels and dimes are not worth my $5 bill

LOL at your minutes played statement.
Halls 20 min >>>>>> Girardi/Sauers 40 min

How about we trade you our next 3 2nd round picks for your next 2 1st round picks
3 picks >>> 2 picks riight????
Your value is way off.
Girardi = all star shutdown D, not 2nd pairing, and could play 1st pair for most teams (some exceptions, Suter-Weber, yes, but not largely otherwise)

likewise Sauer DOES NOT "= 3 pairing defenseman"
Sauer can play as high as a 2 or as low as a 4.

The pick position is still useful.

And you are way way off about the G prospects.
Stacjer/Talbot could compete for a back up now, and for starter with another year of experience. This is especially so if Kabibulin goes for some return to a contender.

2 effective shut down + for 1 sniper. Not as as your would suggest.
Now open your eyes and be amazed...

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