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Originally Posted by Yureeka47
If im not physically large, is it still possible to lay someone out a lot larger? My back is very strong, as ive been working out for quite a while.
I played junior and CIAU at 5'4" and 175 lbs and regularly bowled players over.

In one case in junior I sent one player (6'3" 200+ lbs) over the boards in a flip as I caught him low with a button hook check with his head down. He came to our dressing room after the game. I thought I was in for it but he just came up to congratulate me on a great hit and said he felt like he had run into a fire hydrant. We became good friends and later were co-coaches of a midget rep team when we were both at the same university.

The key is to be strong and balanced on your skates. Lunging or going too hard out of your way will not work well.

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