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Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post
I'm leaning still towards thinking that it is bush and I don't have too much of a problem if the gloves are dropped, (or some kind of payback), even in rec, if someone does it......
in the pro, major junior or colleges, well, you're playing more or less for keeps and there seems to be a code there that that's not cool and you'll have to answer like you would a cheap shot...
its not bush league, its a smart play. i have done it for people on breakaways and people have fallen for it hard. hell i have fallen for a few times to. do you feel silly, sure you do, solution, either keep your head up, or develop a calling system with your team mates..

perfect situation, i play d andi used to say point all the time when i was open, and one of my teammates would never pass. its cause he uses that tactic when he is trying to steal the puck, he said call his name instead. that way he would know it was me.

thinking that is bush league is overthinking the situation. its one of those tactics you have to live with. so get better and know where your teammates are at all times. its 100% the responsibility of the guy passing the puck to know who he is passing to. don't complain, just be smarter

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