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About Yourself
Name: Phil
Age: 24
Location: Nova Scotia, september to april, edmonton April to august
Origin of Screen Name: the forklift model i drive in the summer

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 4/5
Current Team: Admirals, Green Bastars
Current League: STFX rec,
Highest Level Played: div 3 rec (out of 6)
Current Level: 2nd tier STFX
Position: Defenceman
Type of Player:
Player You Emulate:

Current Gear
Helmet: Reebok 6k
Shoulders: Jofa Nhl
Elbows: Eastons, cost like 50 bucks
Shins: Easton
Gloves: Bauer XXXX pro
Skates: Graf 709, getting APX
Stick: Bauer One95 PM9 curve, Easton S17 Zetterburg Curve, have 5 sticks with the P92 curve that i don't use

Hobbies: Drinking, Driving (not while drinking) fishing, Xbox,
Movies: to many
Music: anything with a good guitar or a good drum beat
TV: NCIS, How I Met Your Mother
Food: Pizza, Wings
Drinks: Beer, Whiskey
Hockey Team: Oilers, Oil Kings (WHL) X-Men (CIS) OKC Barons (AHL)
Hockey Player:RHN, Girardi, Lucic,

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