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11-09-2003, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by The Blueblood
I feel sorry for you guys, we like to whine about Quinn, but he would never bench someone who is obviously so important to the team's fortunes.

You guys should be screaming for Julien's head. His "defensive system" is a joke, it took all of three weeks for teams to figure out how to beat it. You guys should not be settling for this crap, this is the Habs, you deserve the best coach available, not some minor league chump.
It amazes me how you can ask a question in such a genuine fashion, admittingly not following the Habs closely, then bashing the Habs' coach.

Perreault is one of the weakest defensive players in the league. He's soft, and it's virtually impossible to make him a system player. Teams didn't "figure out" Julien's system (it was never a secret); they discovered the flaws. One of the main flaws being Perreault's weak defensive coverage.

Since Perreault has been benched, the team has played two of their most spirited, fast-paced, physical hockey games in a long time (more than merely this season). That has a little bit to do with Perreault being out, and a lot to do with Koivu being back.

I'd ditch Perreault in a hurry in your pool.

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