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11-09-2003, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by evildreams
saw you working at the game, mark; you seemed pretty hard at work. hey, tell management that if is to be paid for, it will make following the manatees on the road dificult and thus make fans (especially myself) less likely to support/follow the team. i was actually impressed at how hockey-focused and non-fighting focused the game was. Only 1 fight; bravo!. Some decent players in Perricone and Cain ('tees version of Kozlov/Jokinen). Frankly, I thought the goalies for Macon were both better , but the Trax D just absolutely let them get abused. Product was decent, but will have to acquire more nhl-pedigree players (i saw former kings G Goverde is playing in the league, which is nice); hopefully the lockout can do this (rake in some ahl'ers and 4th line nhlers).
Thanks for the even-handed reply ED, and even more thanks for coming out and checking the game out. Yeah, I was hard at work dealing with the confusion of an opening night and having to work around the kinks that pop up with that.

That was my first ever time doing play-by-play, and I have earned even more respect for the people that do that for a living (which I guess includes me now). I do agree with you for the most part on the IRN.FM thing, but apparently there are people who are willing to pay for the product, and I would think the die-hard fans might be willing to shell some dough to catch the road games. I think there are plans in the works to shortwave the broadcast inside the building, and I would definitely have to improve steadily on my broadcasting. But until revenue streams come in at other places, plans to have the broadcast as a pay option probably will continue.

As for the quality of play and the players. The Manatees have some decent players for that level, and I was not expecting Cain to come out like he did. The guy was playing Canadian college hockey last year, so I hope he can continue his work. Perricone has speed to spare, and all of the guys bust their humps each game (such a difference from what this town is used to). Funny thing is, there are other players on the team with more offensive upside, Kevin Swider especially...

I know Boyer is expecting more from the goaltending, and Macon's goalies did seem shell-shocked. But with no red-line, defense was at a premium last night. 16 time to get bored, that is for sure.

I do think that the level of play and talent will go up over time, especially if a strike occurs. Gonna be a wait and see on how that turns out.

But bottom line, for the entertainment dollar in this town, the product was quite good and the hockey in the first game was non-stop back and forth fun. I am sure some fighting will increase, and I was surprised that there was only one fight (albeit, a long drawn out fight).

But thanks for coming and checking it out, and for the student price of $5, it definitly is worth it.

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