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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
You must play in some really butt hurt leagues. It's an age old thing that players do with each other all the time when there's nothing on the line. The only person who looks bad is the person who falls for it, and if they're so embarrassed that they want to go after the other guy for "payback" (I'm paying you back for tricking me into passing to the wrong team... jerk!!!... that doesn't sound pathetic) than let them. Chances are, much like their ability to look before passing, they don't skate well enough to be much of a physical threat either. I'm really surprised anyone even made a thread about this. I've played some form of hockey for 21 of my 25 years of life, including college hockey and this has been done by multiple players, on multiple teams at every level I have ever played at. You said it in your own first post, OP, in spite of your assertion that you "usually" don't have time to look (which is entirely based on your skill): you never pass to a voice; you always look. Like I said, I've played a lot of hockey, including college and it's one of the first things coaches will impress upon you when you start playing competitive hockey (and even before that). Just don't do it. The ONLY exception is if you have a linemate that you know like the back of your hand who is giving you a verbal cue. To this day if someone is behind me and banging their stick or yelling for a pass I automatically ASSUME they're on the other team, even if it's pick up and I can't tell one voice from another. I would never make that blind pass in a million years unless I was Daniel Sedin and it was Henrik's voice behind me, so to speak.
Wow, you're assuming my skill level, just because I posted something like this....weird. (guess you know the skill levels too of those that agreed with me).....
is it BS and tacky at a higher level....probably not....due to being familiar with each other for one.
However, is it tacky and BS in rec leagues and drop in? Yes.

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