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01-31-2012, 09:13 PM
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Looking for something similar to the SE16, also...

Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
You won't see NHL players using the Synergy Elite because it's an older stick and even those who do use them under a current model paint job (EQ50 for example).

Go to Hockey Experts Dixie, we have a bunch of SE16 shafts and blades; the combo is essentially the same as the one-piece since the one-piece is also a fused shaft + blade. That would be your best bet. We also have some Synergy Elites left but it depends on what curve/flex you want.

Other than that, feel is to each his own; go pick up a few sticks and see. Might want to continue with the Easton ST or CNT as well.
I hate to bring this thread back from the dead, but I am in a similar situation (looking for something similar to the SE16). I had bought about 5 SE16's 1 1/2 years ago, and they've lasted me to this now I need to find something else.

I have tried the EQ50, and I just can't seem to get used to it. It just feels "different," and heavier. I guess it's more of a shooters stick. I've certainly lost some of my quickness in stick-handling (which is pretty key to my style of play). I've tried messing with the weights; but really, it just always feels "off" and heavier. Also, they break just as fast (if not faster), than the SE16's. I wouldn't mind it if I actually liked the sticks. I really am perplexed why Easton messed with such an awesome stick design...the "balance" was perfect before!

Anyway, I've been scouring the internet for SE16's (one-piece sticks or shaft + blade combos), but it doesn't look like any online stores have any left. Ebay doesn't seem to have much, either. If I lived near Mississauga, I'd be at Hockey Experts in a second...but I'm in CA. Do you guys ship? I would glady place an order with you guys if I could get what I want (probably a 2 piece solution, since I'm guessing 1 piece sticks are all but gone at this point).

I've also tried out the Warrior Dolomite and find it's pretty similar to the SE16. It's still a bit different...I think it has to do with the shaft feel (the Warrior feels more rounded, perhaps?). Is there a warrior stick that is a closer approximation to the SE16? How do the Dynasty and Dolomite differ? Is there another stick (from any brand) that would be better/more similar to the SE16?

Sorry for all of the questions. I have used Easton since 2001, and as a result know nothing about competitor's sticks on the market. And, this is the first time I've ever been disappointed with Easton sticks. The EQ50 really does feel like a step backwards to me...

I know some other will think it's close enough...but I really am super picky. I'm one of those guys that re-tapes his butt end until it "feels" just right. Maybe it's all in my head, but I really am pretty desperate to find something that works for me. Easton sticks took me from High school, through junior hockey, college hockey, and now through pro inline...unfortunately, we don't quite have the NHL agreements with Easton where we can just order some SE16's painted as EQ50's (I would love to know if this is possible outside of NHL players, though...).

Would appreciate any feedback! (thanks in advance).

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