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01-31-2012, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by MAROONSRoad View Post
To be fair, Seattle arguably has better potential than Columbus due mainly to the larger corporate sector. On the other hand, Columbus only has the NHL and Seattle would have all 4 "major sports" if the NBA returned also.

Seattle would also benefit a little by its proximity to Canada. Canadians would show up for games.

However, I agree with you. The NHL is not big in Seattle at all. To give you one example, I know the local NBC affiliate has in the past not shown NHL games if there was something more popular they could televise. Proximity to Canada and the existence of a few WHL teams in the area does not make Seattle a hockey city.
I can't agree with Seattle having a better potential to support an NHL team than Columbus. For that matter though, Columbus is only now having difficulties because of such a long stretch of on-ice futility. If Seattle were to endure a similar on-ice fate with an NHL team there, then it could turn out just as problematic. But there aren't a lot of cities currently in the League that wouldn't encounter the same problem if under the same conditions.

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