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01-07-2006, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by braindead
Before I share thoughts on the game, my top 10 list of tips for those coming to the GEC (regardless of whether you are rooting for the home or visiting team). Helpful hints aside, it was a great crowd tonight and always fun to have redwing fans in the house to stir the pot.

1. If your head is the size of a watermelon, don't put a cowboy hat on top of it for a hockey game.

2. If you are deaf from working in a car factory, don't assume everyone around you also is deaf. This is particularly important if you also qualify for tips ##3, 4 or 8.

3. If you are a redwing fan, please help the pred fans sitting near you by identifying before the game begins how many years our team needs to be in the league before you will stop announcing basic hockey rules to those around you as if we don't know them (I've lost hope thinking one more year will do the you still go to St. Louis and loudly announce "That was an offside because the puck went over the line before the player" at every game? I just want to have some hope that it will end someday-- provide a ray of hope for me).

4. If you feel the need to fill in for Pete and Terry by providing running commentary, it isn't helpful to merely identify players on the ice all night (as in a nonstop stream of "there is Chelios, Zetterberg has it, Maltby is out there"). Even if we don't know them, we can read the ****ing program my friend.

5. If a game is sold out, don't sit in someone elses seat at the 18 minute mark of the 1st period-- they may still be in the beer line pumpkinhead.

6. Don't lick your thunderstick unless you are under 3 years old or a very attractive female.

7. It may be ok in Detroit but the line "Check out the hooters on that little kid's mom" isn't that cool.

8. If you feel compelled to announce "I hate the new NHL" constantly, even when your team is benefiting on the play in question, then stay the hell at home and watch an old Devils-Wild game on video.

9. If you have had two or more beers, refrain from rapidly repeating the following phrases:
"You guys don't understand how hard this game is to play"
"Hit him in the eye" (1st period)
"In the eye" (2nd period)
"The ****ing eye, the ****ing eye" (3rd period). After all, this may not make any sense to the pumpkinhead that moves to your row without a ticket when someone briefly leaves their seat to go to the restroom.

10. Be a good sport when you win-- your team may look like the Blues someday soon and payback is hell.

Visiting fans should have to sign a contract that states they will agree to the above before we sell tickets to them.

A good one from the couple beside me went something like this as Gnash dropped out of the ceiling and the Puck Patrol came out, "they just do all of this crap because they dont care about the atual game"

These people were quiet as can be for the first half of the game, and when the second Wings goal went in, the steady stream of obnoxiousness followed until the last whistle sounded.

What a pack of jackasses. They made the visiting Stars fans look like sociably likeable people.

Anyway, if I couldnt see it clearly before, it is glaring now: Package our swift Olympian Erat now! There's nothing like a coast to coast dipsy doodle that ends in a turnover....12 times per game.

and Yanic..sigh...nevermind...

Weber didnt play solidly, but he flew in late for the biggest Preds game of the year, I think its not fair to be too hard on him. He had some great hits, horrible turnovers but great hits and size. I went down to the glass for the pre-game skate and the first couple of times that I saw him, I thought I was looking at Legwand, it was weird.

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