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Originally Posted by Ringmaster316 View Post
Seattle isn't a sports town its a FOOTBALL town(which city in the USA isn't????)....go check out KING5 news they had a special on it
??? Unless you mean soccer, I'm not sure you know about our sports. The Seattle Sounders, while drawing overall less attendance than the Seahawks (I think) and having higher TV ratings, I can assure you many people here love soccer more than American football. And quite a few people enjoy niche sports.

64,140 people attended the Sounders' (and Olympia native Kasey Keller's) last regular season game in the 2011 season.

We also watched two years ago as Bellevue-native Tim Lincecum led the SF Giants to a World Series title.

In addition, the Pacific Northwest is one of the most highly recruited areas for college basketball in the country.

And Washington born, Everett / Mt. Vernon native T.J. Oshie is helping the Blues back to playoffs this year.

Really in all my years in Seattle, our sports fans are quite diverse. I love watching all of the fans and their passions for their sports. I've watched World Champions of Cyclecross duke it out with native riders, listened as the Washington Stealth took the championship home their first year of play, seen the Sounders win a third straight Open Cup, watched the UW Huskies lose to Baylor in the Alamo Bowl, watched hyrdoplane racing at Sea Fair, paid attention to the Mariner's rebuilding process, gone to see a friend compete in the highest roller derby league, and a lot more. All but the M's have had awesome attendance, but I suspect the M's will be better this year. Each of these sports has its own fan-base, with a lot of emphasis on football / soccer / baseball. Let me tell you though, a lot of Seahawks fans come from outside Seattle, and make the road trip every Sunday.

In terms of ability to afford the NHL (+ NBA) on top of all these other opportunities, I believe it's definitely possible. Though they may not be well represented, we do have quite a few NHL fans, enough so that I see at least a few every couple weeks, and I'm not based in downtown. (+ If you are in downtown in May-June while Canucks are in SC playoffs, you might see some Canucks car flags flying. I spotted 2 cars featuring such while the nucks were playing Nashville when I was biking in downtown last year).

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