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02-01-2012, 02:30 AM
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[Ball Hockey] Advice for slap shot needed! - Iginla curve

Iím running into some issues with shooting due to my new stick. Iíve moved over to the Iginla curve from Sakic/Hall and my wrist shots are low, along with my snaps! This is perfect because Iím not roofing every shot due to the closed curve, and my backhands are better, plus passing and stick handling. The sad part is my slap shots are all ground level! This is horrible because regardless of the speed of the shot, it can easily be picked up.

As a defensive forward, I use a longer stick so Iím able to get some good wrist shots off at the point, but my slap shots are now out of my arsenal. Are there any tricks to get some lift on the ball on a slap shot? Iíve noticed on different floors I can get a moderate lift, but normally itís just ground level. I need no more than 6 inches or so.

I could go back to using a Sakic/Hall curve, however I have to have the blade facing the floor on release to keep the shot low, due to the ease in lifting the ball.

Note: We play with a weighted ball.

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