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Originally Posted by Dowisetrepla View Post
not according to this...

Seattle was the 21st ranked non-NHL market, behind such hockey hotbeds as Jacksonville, Orlando, and (grrrr) Oklahoma City.

However, many people (including myself) here in the Seattle area may have watched the CBC broadcast, which was carried by local cable. I am not sure if they were able to measure the combined audience between NBC and CBC in the Seattle area. There was definitely higher than usual coverage by the local tv for the Stanley Cup Finals, owing to the proximity to Vancouver.

Also of note, the ratings in Seattle were higher than two of their chief "rivals" to get a franchise, Kansas City and Houston.

I noticed that said, your source, for game 7, not the whole series, will have to look it up again, too tired now, but I vividly remember reading that...
found it, granted my source, now that I look at it closer, was only for game 2 and Buffalo had a higher rating (for towns outside of New England), still though, it's a good sign..

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