Thread: Michael Russo: Zids Unhappy; Possible Waive No-Trade
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02-01-2012, 10:46 AM
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Originally Posted by forthewild View Post
as far as trading him its not really that simple, for one he has a nmc so he can't go anywhere unless he wants to, and two the offer has to be right, i think for most of the year the hope was that he would start regaining his old form start contributing more and start being a better part of the team, that hasn't happened and he was scratched. Then the team all of the sudden won two very hard games where they played with the resilience we saw earlier in the year, and i feel that Zids was hoping they lose but when they won he got scared because he might be sitting long term like lundin (who has more right to ***** then zidz but hasnt thus far)

in all honesty if he gets moved i'll have to react to the whole trade, i want him gone, but then i wanted KJ gone and now like all hell i'm wishing we never made that trade.
He doesn't have a NMC, which is a very important point. While it appears Russo misreported in the past that his NTC would expire at the halfway point of his deal (1/1/12) it is certainly not a NMC. With a NTC, the Wild still have the option to waive him and send him to Houston. If we give up on getting value back for him, or he refuses to waive his NTC, he could be placed on waivers where it's likely a team would grab him for free. While a NTC gives him some protection, the team still has options that they wouldn't under a NMC.

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