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02-01-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
When has he ever made a smart offensive play or pass that makes you just say wow big time talent! I dont remember him doing it very often. That said he fits in perfect as a 3rd line defensive specialist with some actual offensive skill which is not always the easiest thing to find and he'll be very cheap to keep around and COULD still blossom further in an offensive capacity. He's not a 3 or 4 mil dollar piece of FA crap that we need to get rid of. he's also proven to have the ability to step onto any line on the team and contribute if for just two or three weeks at a time. If you can get bobby ryan sure but I dont see prospects and picks as worth jack crap compared to Artie
Deffinatly agree with this, but he needs to get waaaaay better at faceoffs to cement himself in that roll to have a future with this team in that roll.

Arty would be hugh for us as a 3rd line center and his lack of dynamic score could be over looked if he can be relied on for his defence and if he can impove his faceoff win percentage. Too talented/soft for the 4th line but not consistant enough to be a in the top 6 yet, if ever. Also depends on how his contracts increase as time goes on but being home grown that works in our favor over out bidding for UFA mercenaries as well as the locker room comradere aspect.

If anything his make or break right now is a deffined role, what it will take for him to fullfill that role, & can we keep his cap hit respectable to that role.

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