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02-01-2012, 12:41 PM
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given Cammy's comments/behaviour, it's quite reasonable to suggest that he would have done nothing to improve his value from the time we traded him until the deadline, and quite possible that he would have eroded it even further.

the thing with waiting, even aside from wether or not Cammy's play/value would have increased or decreased, is that while it makes the "buyers" more aggressive, it also usually leads to a few more "sellers" at the table...

with 2 years and 14M$ still on his contract (not to mention 6M$ cap hit), how many teams would realistically been willing to take him on at all, let alone trade assets for him?

I guess we'll see, come deadline, what kind of market there is for scoring wingers & which teams are "buying"...

given the situation, the return we got really wasn't bad, the only issue remains that PG didn't explore all options prior to trading him, as a result no way to know if a better deal could have been had at the time.

Bourque is a nice top-9 player to have, his cap hit is reasonable and while the term is a bit long, he's likely a pretty tradeable asset (or even bury/buy-out in worst case scenario) if things really don't work out.

the 2nd is a solid asset to have, and with Calgary's stated "win at all cost" mentality (plus an aging/declining roster & weak prospect pool), there's a decent possibility they make some bad mistakes this summer with their relatively large cap space to spend, and wind up giving us a top-half 2nd rounder next year.

Holland is a solid prospect to have, like many of our other fwd prospects, a kid with great work ethic, versatility and speed... perhaps a bit redundant (given Leblanc, Palushaj, Bournival, Bourque, Naatinen...) but nonetheless a prospect whose value could very well increase over the next 3-4 years (wether he ends up playing for us or used in future trade).

all in all, not a bad move by Gauthier, even if the decision-making process getting there seems pretty flawed.

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