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02-01-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by htpwn View Post
Shouldn't someone who claims to be 'in the know' actually know what they are talking about?

Again, the financing hit a snag last June and was cleared up in September. 5 months later and Burnside still hasn't gotten the memo. Pathetic.
Burnside is a terrible writer by any measure and is biased for the south, which is odd since he is from Windsor, ON.
Originally Posted by go_leafs_go02 View Post
I definitely would be more willing to see Seattle get a team than Quebec City at this point.

Sending two failed southern markets up to Canada back-to-back would certainly be a bit of a sign that the NHL has abandoned its southern market expansion and is not committed to those hockey markets.

Moving to Seattle is a large American market, it has lots of Money, and a temporary arena (Tacoma Dome) that would likely work for 1-3 years while a new arena was being built.

Plus, I wouldn't need to fight with Canucks fans if I wanted to see a Leafs game out there. I'm assuming tickets likely will be more available, because Toronto/Seattle certainly isn't a huge rivalry (I may be moving to BC within the next month)
It really does not benefit anyone outside the immeaditate Quebec Levis Saint George region if QC gets a team. Same for Hamilton.

That said, I support QC because this league is hard up for cash, and I don't know if Seattle will come through on the front yet.

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