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02-01-2012, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by beenhereandthere View Post

A lot of American fans (not most of them, but more of them) would look at the league as an oversized CFL if you had more Canadian teams, without keeping or adding US teams.
The NHL wants to be for sure in the Big 4 and while Canadians may think that there's a Big 4, about 1/3 of Americans don't, I don't want to make that worse, since I have to live here....
again, money is a thing, but it's not the ONLY thing.
The same Canadians that are so pro Quebec and all the other reasonable markets in Canada that use the money arguement, would rip a Raptor or a Blue Jay star (this could happen to Lawrie if he turns out to be the superstar I think he will be in 5 years or less) for signing with the Yankees or something like that since, that's where the money is. I find it ironic.
As if people in Phoenix or Seattle know about the CFL.

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