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02-01-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Amateur Hour View Post
Thanks for the insight on Brown. Sounds like one of those unsung hero types who flies under the radar but is that field general and "glue guy" every team needs. He should find his way onto an NFL roster.

Great to hear Harvey signed with the Colts. All the reports I read about him leading up to the draft made mention of his positive character and down-to-earth personality. I hope he gets a chance. Dude ran a sub-4.5 40! Crazy. Harvey was knocked for his height, but the guy's built like a brick **** house and I thought that was one of the reasons he'd be able to overcome being ~5'11". Plus, his production in college was just cartoonish. Appears as though Ryan Grigson was a fan of Harvey, as well.
Yup hopefully Omar goes late or gets picked as a FA.

Hopefully Harvey can be a difference maker in the league, he's got the talent. When we played Ohio St a couple years ago, they ran us out of the stadium, but Harvey stood out. He gave Pryor fits with his speed. I can see him being a force on special teams. 260 lbs bearing down on you during a kickoff, moving at a 4.4-40 pace...good luck.

I hope we can get Curry in the 2nd if he's still there. I still want a big, run-stopping LB in the 1st.

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