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02-01-2012, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
I've used an SE16, and played around with an EQ50, and personally find them to be very similar sticks. Just gotta make sure you have the right number of weights in the end cap, with too many weights in there it feels strangely balanced/weird, but once you get the right number of weights in the cap it should feel/play very similar to the SE16. I personally don't think the EQ50 is a bad stick, it just looks really gimmicky, so people don't like it. The construction is very similar to the SE16.
The problem I had with it isn't so much to do with the gimmicky-ness (which was stupid on their part, but I could get over that); but rather the overall weight increase of the stick. With all the weights in, the EQ50, I believe, is somewhere around 30 grams heavier than the SE16 (~460 vs 490). You can take all of the 5 gram weights out from the end cap, but then the stick feels way too blade heavy. Overall, I have found this significantly affects my stick-handling speed...We're talking small nuances...but I've found they're the difference between making that really quick move, or trying to make that quick move and having the puck just jump ahead a bit due to a slightly delayed movement.

Plus, the whole idea of this weight thing seems stupid to me...just balance it out for the user. The last thing I want to do is mess around with the end plug (tape up the stick...try out one iteration...remove tape...take out a, and so on)...the great thing about the SE16's (and the Synergys before them) was they came ready to use. No tweaking needed.

I think for some people this just doesn't make as big of a difference for them. I'm very sensitive to small changes like this. I immediately knew when I got my first EQ50 (After I broke one of my last SE16's) that there was a difference. Then I started reading about it more and realized the changes they made with the weights. I tried every weight combination the stick had, but it always felt heavy/off/different. Call me picky, but I have given the EQ50 its fair chance to shine...I've compared multiple EQ50's (3, to be exact) to SE16's (sometimes in the same game/practice), and there is definitely a difference. Yes, they're "similar," but they're different enough to mess me up.

Perhaps the Mako stick will be better? Or perhaps I'll just have to live with a Warrior (which I'm really starting to like as a sufficient replacement to the SE16). Either way, I'm still left scratching my head about Easton's changes. Why change something that works so well? I guess there is a lot of pressure in the industry to always come out with the "next best thing"...but really, they had a pretty perfect thing going with the Synergy line of sticks. Perhaps the fact that many NHL players are still ordering SE16's and painting them as EQ50's is telling enough...

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