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02-01-2012, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I think they made a mistake and seemed to have recognized it. EQ50's and the lower models have been marked down for a while and it seems they hurried to get a new stick out to replace it.

The Dolomite was similar to the SE16 as it was a traditional fused stick with a somewhat low kickpoint. You are correct, the Easton had a boxier shaft than the Dolomite which was rounded.

The Dynasty one piece stick is a different "fused" stick than the Dolomite. The Dolomite was literally a tapered blade glued together with a shaft and painted to look like a one piece stick.

The Dynasty's blade is made with the bottom of the shaft and fused together with the rest of the shaft. This saves a bit of weight near the blade.

I've been using a Dynasty off and on the past couple months and it's a good stick. Mine has a rattle for some reason. It shoots nicely, has good puck feel, nothing super special but so far it's done the job.

You may have good luck putting a small wood end plug (or at least the tenon and cut it flush) at the butt end of the stick to balance out the weight of the blade.
Thanks a bunch for the great info! I'm currently using the Dolomite, and will probably stick with it. There is a slight difference in feel of the shaft, but the way the puck feels on the stick is similar enough to the SE16 that I'm liking it. I'll have to look into a Dynasty later, I suppose, since I'm seeing the Dolomite's are being phased out.

Do you know much about the Easton Mako stick? What's going to be different exactly (minus the sales B.S. talk...just straight spec differences). Are they basically going back to the SE16 design without the silly weight scheme? Or are they taking the stick line in an entirely new direction?

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