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02-01-2012, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
What do you mean "enough chances" ? come on now, we're not talking about a 26 or 27 years old player here...

we're talking about our youngest D, we're also talking about a kid who started the year will less than 50 games in the NHL under his belt... so yeah, enough chances ? I dont expect him to have any less than guys like Subban, Diaz or Emelin... he's not and probably never will be a Lidstrom, a Chara or a Suter, so chances are he'll take longer than those to developp... wich is perfectly fine with me... not every player will become a superstar...

just like guys like Plekanec or Kostystin werent full time NHLers at the same age, just like Gorges was weak physically in his own end at the same age... they're still no superstars, but they're all fine NHlers now...

So, really... how many more chances should he get ? easy... until we are at a point where we HAVE TO upgrade his position in order to become a contender or something... until then, he will not "cost" anything except time...

and who knows really ? maybe (insist on maybe) he'll become a solid top 4 D or something...
If a guy has not shown you something special by the time he is in his 4th season pf tasting the NHL... then maybe he can become a NHL filler. If the Habs do not hold a roster spot for him, and he fits the profile of what the TEAM needs in that position, considering the guys who are the true core of the team, then no problem.

So, if you have your smallish, non-physical shooter on the roster or in the system that is showing more promise, then keeping Weber is not a good plan. You cannot have a team with 2 or 3 of those kind of players, and that is what the Habs have. Weber, Diaz, to a certain extent Subban and down the line Beaulieu. Emelin brings something different to the table.

Plekanec did not get any breaks. He earned every promotion. That is the way it should be. Kostisyn, well.... he was a high draft choice, so the Habs had to make it work or they would look worse then they already do considering his draft class. Gorges...he earned his way on the roster with consistently giving up the body and hard work. The Habs had a need for him and no other player was slotted in that role.

I know Weber will never be a superstar, only a stary-eyed fanboi teenager would think so. He may be a NHL player one day. He most definitely is not now. If the Habs do not have another player waiting to be cultivated in that spot (which I do think they do in Diaz) then by all means, keep him around.

I agree the Habs are not contenders and what does it hurt when you already are not going to the dance, but people have to stop saying he has not had his chance. It has been over 1000 days since he first broke into the consciousness of the PRO team, and still THEY do not trust him to be a full time player. You have to admit that means something.

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