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11-09-2003, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ZIM
I am sick of people who respond to posts about GMs with if you're so smart why aren't you the GM or if you criticize a player it's why aren't you in the NHL.

If you wonder what moves people would make, including #1, I suggest you read the 600 trade proposals on this forum.

Or maybe you're one of those people who think that everything is hunky dorey. Maybe you haven't read the posts complaining about the goalie, the D, the lack of a center, the decisions on who sits and who doesn't, the contracts that were given to people such as Salo, Brewer ...

Criticism is great when you can also provide alternatives. in your own words tell us "what would you have done?????"
I am not the one posting a million different alternatives, I am simply stating that it's very EASY to say, Lowe F---ed up he should have done this, he should have dones that, but in reality what were his true options??? That is my point, you don't know, like a few people on these boards you can simply speculate and roast him cause you're unhappy witht the approach taken, Slats approach obviously didn't work, low balling players at contract time,getting a bunch of 1 and 2 year deals and guess what we still lost them and we were still in the red, and the building didn't sell out every night so Lowe tries a different approach signing a few longer deals at a few more dollars at key positions then Slats would have and he gets rosted cause the goalie decides to have some off time and Brew hasn't turned into Pronger over the last two years, hey, small market reality check again, at least the guy is trying different appraches. If Salo was playing like he was before the Olympics everyone would be hailing Lowe for having those two option years coming up for him, but hey that's life, he took a gamble and right now it looks awful. Brewer, ditto, at least he's young and still posseses a lot of untapped potential. I am not saying everything is great, but man, this team is young and it sucks when your goalie is a pylon and your defense is suspect, but what the hey, what can you do, we're very restricted, and that is a fact that I at least have accepted, at least until the new CBA and or the Oilers move to a market where they can challenge financially.

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