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02-01-2012, 05:00 PM
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The strangest for me is the Siki Bennet Arena in St. George's, NL. I doubt it's 50 ft wide and probably only 80 ft long. It was originally a curling rink, but they decided to convert it and basically flooded the room. There are bleachers behind one net, the opposite end has enough space to park a zamboni of to one side thanks to an addition to the building, the other side has a small space enough for someone to walk through. There isn't much point though as the boards are flush with the wall along the length of the rink coming down that side. Plywood, painted yellow with red silhouettes of figure skaters and hockey players from the top of the boards to the ceiling. There is no glass along that side, just the yellow wall of the building. The other side has benches squeezed between the boards and the other wall. The end of the rink with bleachers has wire cage instead of glass, like the NHL back in the 40s.

You can only play 4 on 4, although 3 on 3 is probably better. The dressing rooms are equally as tiny, usually a team gets 2 rooms when they play there. That place is always good for a laugh though, and makes a great ball hockey rink in the summer.

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