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11-09-2003, 12:24 PM
I just hope we can
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great post by lowetide, never have i laughed so hard from a post. heres to you lowetide.
just to let you know something, hhmmm facing adversity and criticism would i want a player on my team that a) rise above it and prove his worth to shut his skeptics up or b)whine and complain, put his worth above the teams, and take his problems to the media. gee such a hard decision, gimme a break maybe we don't get the whole story but to suggest that comrie doesnt come off as a spoiled, selfish brat is really ignorant. maybe i am baaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnngggg up the wrong tree, but i choose to face adversity not cower like a dog and say NOBODY LIKES ME, SO TRADE ME.

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