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Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post

Actually, I'm really John Lennon. To give people a background, my favorite player on the Habs is Subban. But I argue in favor of Gomez because the misguided whining on this site really gets pathetic after awhile, and I like to show people he isn't as bad as they think. He's not amazing, but he's pretty decent (just overpaid). But when push comes to shove, they go back into their cave with their contract argument, and never come out again. Pretty much what you did, and Lafleur's Guy as well!
He's not pretty decent, he's below average, and his main problem is that he doesn't fit in any "chair", he can't play top 6 minutes because he's not good enough offensively, and he can't play bottom 6 minutes because he lacks grit and size. Now on top of that, you do have to factor in his 7 million cap hit, even if you don't like it.

You're right, he's not a bad hockey player, but when evaluating his contribution to the team compared to how much room he takes under the cap, tu te rend compte que le gars est un criss de boulet.

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