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02-01-2012, 09:33 PM
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To answer a couple of questions asked in this thread and its previous incarnation:

1) The only sources we consider legit for news and rumors are news and sports sites like ESPN, TSN, etc. Their writers are credentialed, so they are accepted as legitimate sources for information or rumors. (FWIW, Eklund was credentialed by someone... Fugu thinks it was Sportsnet, so Ek is considered legit. What is NOT considered acceptable is going into a thread about an Ek rumor and complaining about it being an Ek rumor)

Fugu also said this:
The Trades board thread is a member initiative to track beat writers from teams mainly, so their blogs and twitter info is there. If they're affiliated with a newspaper, then they're legit.
To add, some sources merely exist to peddle "breaking news" as their own exclusive report when, in reality, they are ripping off another source without giving credit.

2) Threads over 1,000 posts can slow things down. It was much worse years ago, and the mod staff just got into the habit of closing them at 1,000 posts. Now it's just something we do.

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