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02-01-2012, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Richards showed some signs of life, but the offense was putrid. Buffalo played well defensively, but it's easier when the opposition does so little on offense. We just don't have the skill. Richards is the only player on the team with special passing ability, and he isn't playing with the right players. Stepan is sliding back into last season's bad habits.

The Rangers were able to mask it for a few months, but the problem is the same today that it was 4 years ago: they just don't pass the puck very well, they don't cycle the puck with a purpose, and they struggle to create high quality scoring chances.

Luckily, the D continues to be superb, and Lundqvist just continues to prove that he's a hall of fame-caliber goaltender.
Richards looked pretty good to me but he's still slumping so hard. He can't get lucky at all.

But another scorer isn't going to suddenly alleviate every problem, let's be realistic. Part of it is a system "problem" and another guy, unless he's a legit superstar like Malkin, isn't going to magically come in and turn around the offense.

I thought the Rangers played pretty well until they got that PP in the third period and then they absolutely imploded and Buffalo went on a tear for like 13 straight minutes. That's definitely when Lundqvist had to be his best and he rose to the occasion. Dunno what the crap happened there but it was like Buffalo suddenly decided they were a fantastic team

Rather frustrating two games after the break but at least they came away with 3 out of 4 points

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