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02-02-2012, 01:29 AM
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Yelling at another player ON YOUR team to pass the puck to you: bush league or no?

Inspired by the last thread I wanted to get some opinions on this matter.

My entire experience playing youth hockey I never once called for a pass, and I honestly can't remember a team mate doing it either. In adult or pick-up I notice this trend a little more.

My feeling is "dude of course I will pass it if you are the better option and I can"! I don't need to be told to make a slick pass, and sometimes you need to make a move first to pull it off. I think it can really give the play away to the opponent as well, announcing the opportunity. I also find that it makes me nervous, rushed, or throws me off and the play gets jacked up usually when someone is screaming for a pass.

A current league team mate and good friend disagrees with me. He says it's good communication and pros do it constantly.

Any thoughts on what you have experienced? Is it proper communication or too juvenile?

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