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02-02-2012, 01:59 AM
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1. At 28 you can still do 2 squat days, but I am not sure you really need it. What I've found refreshing is learning the pistol (one legged squat) and use it as a joint mobility / balance / concentration exersize (all great for hockey). It is also full range of motion and I find it really helps my stride as that's a one legged push too. I was concerned with my knees first (I was 38 learning it), but it actually feels very good (after warming up properly of course).

2. On the power cleans I would go down with the weight and work on the technique until you almost do not use any upper body strength at all. My understanding is that you should propel the weight with an explosive thrust of the lower body, and the arms are staying loose only guiding the motion of the bar.

3. I tried it when I was younger and I liked it. I do not think there's much difference, but of course there's some (whatever that might be, prolly changes with body proportions as well) change towards the quads lifting a bit more.

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