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02-02-2012, 03:37 AM
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This is ********. This thread has over 30K views and LeBrun used the word <b>could</b>.

We need to hold people like him more accountable. To me this is just as unreliable as some high school student who's making it up as he goes along.

We need to see words like will, definitely and must more often when we're quoting something a bum like LeBrun says.

Denis Rodman could become the GM of the Florida Panthers next season. Yes, he could.

Mark Zukerberg might get bored of being rich and give 99% of his wealth away to my cousin. Yes, he might.

These boobs on TV do nothing but feed our trade-starved minds with garbage.

People have been talking about Ruutu being traded for months now. Hmmm I wonder why he might've posted this? AH! MAYBE it's because the trade deadline is coming up soon and Rutuu is going UFA? Nah... that's crazy.

Remember when the Oilers were trying to convince Heater to become an Oiler? They used the words like have and did at first, and then they topped it off with words like won't, don't and doesn't want.

I really figure theres nothing to respect able what these bums are talking about these days. They just want an excuse to get some air time so that we remember who they are, become used to seeing their faces and ultimately want to see them more often.

They're just conditioning us to yearn for garbage.

The day I yearn for garbage, I'll start subscribing to The National Enquirer. Till then I'm going pray to the hockey gods that people start showing their common sense a little respect by not giving any b-grade reporting like this the time of day.

That's all.

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