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02-02-2012, 07:54 AM
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Well I started from 100 and am up to 140 in the last month, which is absolutely nothing to write home about. According to the Rippetoe program, I should be adding 15 pounds per week to the squat but I only do 2x instead of 3x per week due to hockey.

Also I hadn't been doing the warmup set/reps properly and trying that last night felt much better, much less fatiguing (2x5 empty bar, 1x5 small load, 1x3 larger load, 1x2 larger load, 3x5 working load). And adding in a big protein shake post workout on top of my meal.

Box squat

*** my "box" is actually 2-3" below parallel so I'm getting more range than that picture

Back squat

It seems it's a good teaching tool to learn to back squat (regular squat) properly, in that you put your butt back. I was not getting back far enough and leaning too far forward, which put pressure on the knees, causing some knee pain.

But a lot of what I've been reading is that for athletes who aren't competitive lifters, the box squat can be as good as or superior to the back squat because it puts less stress on the knees and incorporates an explosive movement out of the "sit".

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