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02-02-2012, 09:05 AM
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I think I would take the money to sign LeToux rather than buying Torres on many levels.
I dont know man. I think you are comparing apples and oranges here.

the allocation $$ from seba went to buy torres contract. this is completely different from their salaries. this season seba and torres would be close in salary, with seba a little higher. but next season seba is on record saying he wanted 400K. if torres is making about 150K, thats a 250K difference. why is that important? well you have several players would need to be paid one way or another. Mwanga graduated from GA so now his entire contract is on the cap. Okugo and McInerney either have or will graduate from GA after this season. MacMath will surely graduate GA after this season. all of these guys now need to be paid out of the cap. In addition, Williams is still being paid like a USL castoff that he was. he makes 42k. he very well could be the starting right back for the USMOT. he'll be getting at least 2X his salary next season.

in a perfect world there would be no cap and seba could get whatever he wants and he could stay. that isnt the reality. could the union have paid him 400K? sure. would they have had money to keep torres, macmath, williams, okugo, jack mc at the same time? nope.

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