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11-09-2003, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by copperaddict
I've been an Oiler fan for 20 years and for the first time I hope they lose some games. I want this to happen because I want to see some changes.Conklin deserves some more starts the way he has been playing. Rita needs to get in the lineup for us to see once and for all if he has what it takes(I believe he does).He could be the goal scorer that Hemsky really needs to gel.Semenov does not deserve to be in the press box before Fergie or Cross.Horcoff should be in T.O centering the 3rd line,not the 1st line for the Oil. Lowe can't sit and wait like he has for the last couple of years hoping this team turns it around on their own. There is obvious holes that need to be taken care of.We are missing not 1 but 2 top line centers. Torres deserves more minutes to see what we really have. I can't see the Oil being able to keep Staios and Smith next year as their both free agents.There is alot of teams right now that are looking for a Smith type veteran that the return could really help us.I would like to see another Brewer type project sometime soon as we have a number of good tutors for these guys.
TOTALLY AGREED. ive been an oiler fan ever since i was born which has been 17 years. i want them to lose games so they wake up and smell the coffee. The 4 game unbeaten streak wasnt a pretty one and probably got to their head and toronto just took out all the emotion and energy out of the Oilers. i want them to lose and get out worked so change will happen. I want horcoff out of here. Chimera gone. Laraque gone unlesss he proves he can be consistent, hit and fight and not think he is a playmaker and a scorer on this team because hes not. I want semenov paired with Brewer. Fergurson and cross can be in and out each game. Salamenin and rita stay with stoll and thats one line right there. Every year theres like a hamiltion line now its toronto line i guess. And that line could be it with stoll and sarno/switching places if they need to. Sign comrie because i believe this line would be really good. Comrie will finish most of the time if he gets passes from hemsky. Smyth does the hard work and comrie/hemsky bring it in give it to hemsky comrie gets a good position to shoot. And smyth is at the door to knock any rebounds in. Thats what i wish would happen haha but wont happen. Any news on the comrie to LA? cause my friend also heard that so i have no idea what the f*** is going on.

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