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02-02-2012, 10:51 AM
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i see alot of attacks on dreger here... and theres always lots of attacks on any other rumor guy it seems whenever they get talked about in these forums

i think all it really proves is how little the people making attacks actually understand about how real rumors work

i mean.... lets say player A is actually available from team A... then a responsible gm on team A will call up gms from the other 29 teams and say are you intrested?

if some insider finds out about this call.. he can report that team Z or team U has talked about player A... and it is a legit rumor... however only one of those teams will eventually make a trade for that player

now suppose gm from team J wants to improve his team... he will call up his friends on other teams and talk trade too... and most gms should be trying to improve their team most the time... its their freaking job

so there are tons and tons and tons of legitimate rumors being generated on a daily basis...

now of course an outsider should never be told about any of them... if a real gm ever tells any outsider about interest in a player from another team it is considered tampering. its illegle.

real gms dont have any real reason to tell dreger or anyone else their business anyhow... if they do decide to tell an insider something, its cause it benefits them somehow... its a tool... or an agent might let something slip cause its a tool for them... or some other team official might let something slip for whatever reason they have but they arent the ones making a trade anyhow...

so there will never ever ever be a situation where a gm like burke calls up dreger and says by the way im trading for van rymdyk in 3 days so please let the public know now so that they will understand you are reporting a real trade 3 days ahead of time...

it just is never ever ever ever ever going to happen

but if burke wants to get the public of toronto to be easier on the team as it battles for a playoff... and keep interest high in the team so ratings are high and commercial revenues are high and merchandise sales are high etc etc etc.. then he might easily tell dreger that hes trying to improve the team and wants a big power forward to add to the top 6

and someone else might tell dreger that van rymsdyke is a big power forward that could be available

and someone else might say philly needs a dman.. and toronto has alot of them...

and someone else might say burke and holmgren talked... cause honest to god they are both paid alot of money to talk to other gms and try to improve their team...

so anyone that doesnt think toronto is interested in van rymsdyk is a complete and utter moron

it will ultimately come down to whatever the asking price is... and what they are willing to offer... if they wont offer what philly wants... or if philly wants more then toronto is willing to offer... the trade wont happen

most trades never happen... theres always 100s of more rumors then there are trades... always... the rumors are real cause real gms are really discussing the possibility of a real trade... but very few trades that get discussed will ever happen

god... use your common sense people and stop freaking out if dreger or eklund or anyo of these guys report a rumor that doesnt turn into a trade

the only people that get hurt are the idiots that think dreger or eklund know what trades are going to actually happen.. and i know eklund charges money and claims to have additionaly inside info on that... so give him heck for trying to benefit off of our stupidity if you like... but stop bashing the rumors themselves

i have NO INSIDE INFO AT ALL and even i know toronto would be interested in van rymsdyke at the right price if philly is willing to move him

god almighty this ticks me off

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