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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Dreger says something along the lines of Burke/Leafs looking to maybe make another push at JVR. Then everyone on here says well if JVR is being moved to the leafs then obviously it has to be Schenn going back. From that you conclude that the flyers are offering up JVR to the leafs for schenn and burke is reluctant. not very logical if you ask me.

flyers are sitting in 4th with no real threat of dropping any time soon and only a couple pts behind boston and 5 behind the rangers (w/ a home and home coming up against them). trust me when i say that the flyers are not desperate for schenn. there are rentals like gill (who would only cost a 2nd) and Allen (probably marshall + 3rd) among others to be had. as others have said the flyers don't have to sell low (yes trading jvr now during the season he is having with injuries would be selling low) when their are other, arguably better for our needs, individuals out there.
I guess I should make myself more clear. What I am saying is that in my opinion if a JVR for Schenn swap happens, it means Philly is desperate for a defenceman since there are some other really good, and probably better, options for Philly to choose from but no deals are getting made or everyone else who they wanted are off the market. Since I believe Burke when he says he isn't shopping Schenn, I think that if a JVR for Schenn swap occurs it is because Philly is contacting Burke about him and Burke will demand more. Burke in the meantime could very well be contacting Philly about JVR but offering other players/picks since he would rather keep Schenn.

Personally I feel that Schenn wouldn't be good for Philly at this time anyway. With a possibility of Pronger back at some time still whether this year or next I think Philly should look at rentals first, especially ones with playoff experience, and not someone locked up for years to come. When Pronger gives word of never playing again that's when you may go after a contract like Schenn's. Not getting anyone is also a good option since Philly has still played fantastic since Pronger went down.

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