Thread: News Article: Flames sign and recall Krys Kolanos
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02-02-2012, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
Kolanos is an old, one-way-playing bust of a player. He worked hard. Yeah, worked so hard that his coach barred him from the arena not so long ago and sent him home to think about his future. There is a disconnect between Abbotsford and Calgary. I wonder wtf Feaster is doing.

You want to know how bad of shape this team is in? They've been reliant on this type of player to prop up the minor league team and now going to try it with the major league team. You want to know how desperate the fanbase is? They believe this clown has a hope of doing anything! This is a complete embarrassment. The joke around the NHL is Calgary is the place players go to get one last shot. That joke will now extend to the minor league system. And the fans still think its great! None of you should ever say anything bad about the Oilers fans and the amount of crap they swallow from their management team. Feaster is shoveling worse **** down your throats and telling you its caviar. Wake up! This team is in such a nose dive it will be impossible to pull up. If Harley Hotchkiss could see what is going on with his hockey club.
Is this serious? Like really, are you serious or are you a Debbie Downer about everything in life? Jesus. All you do is preach negativity, AND THEN, when you DO talk positive about the team, you jump all over people who are negative. You consistently have to be the other side of the coin, and it's getting really old.

If you don't like the way the team is being run, you are under no obligation to watch.

And I would rather go through this type of rebuild ten times out of ten before going the route of the Oilers. Third straight 1st overall pick... that must be fun to watch. (and I know it's not, because Oilers fans on HF have even said they would prefer to be competitive)

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