Thread: News Article: Flames sign and recall Krys Kolanos
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02-02-2012, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by CGYPUKSUX View Post
Reaching? Pointing out that signing a career minor leaguer to a contract and calling him up to help out the offense is reaching? No, signing a career minor leaguer and calling him up to help out the offense is reaching. That is a desperate act by a desperate team.

Also, a very dumb move, since this is the time of year when you want to have a contact or two available for trading purposes at the deadline. Kolanos is our 50th contract. Any hopes of an imbalanced trade just went out the window, which limits the moves the GM can make. At a time when the team should be looking to make some 2-for-1 deals, this was just not a smart move.
Give it a break already! Stop making this signing of larger significance than it really is. This was a good move for the Flames and you are making it sound like the Flames acquired Gomez or something. There was nothing "desperate" about this signing. The Phaneuf trade and sending Jokinen to NYR are examples of desperate moves. Your point about the 50 contract limit is irrelevant to me because you are acting like this handcuffs Feaster and it does not in anyway. He has LOTS of moveable assets (ie. Moss, Stempniak, Jackman, Kosto, Hannan, Sarich etc.). Yes you are reaching and I am not the only one on this board who thinks so. So go ahead and make another elaborate argument to say otherwise which just comes across as blah, blah, blah.

Where's MarkGio, perhaps another guitar lesson is in order.

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