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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
You come up with these stats like him being one of only two or three guys to score 30 goals in three consecutive years. Well, that's cool. But there are other guys consistently scoring around that mark with much better assist totals.
That's really the point, you know: there are only a handful of guys who score goals at that level period, let alone with better assist rates.

Me, I'm not too hung up on raw goal or point totals because I believe such stats to be extremely limited in the amount of information they convey. I'm more concerned about ability to handle power-on-power matchups and drive outchancing and outscoring, especially in tough contexts (something Carter is quite good at incidentally). It's clear to me though that you don't agree and view offensive production as an overwhelming #1 criteria. I'm only pursuing this line of discussion because not only do you use such stats apparently to the exclusion of almost all other factors, I'm perplexed by how you view them scaling league-wide.

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