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02-02-2012, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by scoracle View Post
That is ridiculous No way that goal should count. No way...

I would hate to assume this was a diliberate malfunction, but how could the clock just stop like that? They are completely man operated - no way that time stands still like that unless it was MEANT to... Rotten to the core, I'm just saying. But, we will never know I suppose...
Yes it should count if it was ruled a goal.

I understand where you are coming from, but to overturn a game result the next day is much more ridiculous. The logistics of it also don't make sense. LA is heading out on the road, the Jackets are likely gone now too, so you'd have to bring them back, all for a five minute overtime and a shoot out.

Not to mention the fans. If I had a ticket to that game and left thinking the Kings won, only to find out they had to goi back and replay the end and the Kings ended up losing, I'd be pissed.

Bad calls happen all the time in all sports. I remember last year a pitcher in baseball threw a perfect game, but on the very last out the first base umpire called the guy safe when he was clearly out. The replay showed he was as well. Even the umpire later said he made a mistake and should have called him out. MLB didn't go back and rule the game over and award the pitcher a no-hitter, they counted the game the way the umpire called it.

Here's a link, with the umpire quoted in the hedline as costing "that kid a perfect game":

If it was the other way around, I'd be very pissed as a Kings fan, but it's what it is and you live with it. Ask Sabres fans after the 1999 Stanley Cup finals. All that will happen out of this is Toronto will adjust their review process so they actually ensure the clock runs properly on similar goal reviews and maybe someone in LA gets fired/disciplined if any purposeful misconduct was engaged in. That's it.

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