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Originally Posted by speed11 View Post
checking stats? you're assuming if markov plays a full season, we become a 100pt team

as if markov would play 82 games in a season to prorate those numbers.
I'm not assuming anything, you're the one who is unable to follow a conversation properly.

Originally Posted by price131 View Post
Your postdoesn't really get to the issue. You said the Habs are a 100 point team with Markov, as in the current team, which is why I said no. First of all, this team is worse than any of the teams you listed, second, we must factor that Markov is older and more fragile.

Basically, for Markov to make this team a 100 point team he would need to be worth 11+ wins over the course of a season.

I like Markov and he's been great, obviously but at this stage it's a massive stretch to say he's the most important player on the roster and it's completely unrealistic to expect Markov to actually make this roster a 100 point team.

Also, just out of curiosity, why did you leave out last year's numbers with Markov and without?

Ok, you two will have to take a huge breather and realize a few things.

1- The poster I responded to said Markov was second most important to the team behind Price

2- Those stats were to show that Markov is more important to the team as he yeilded a 100 points average over 5 seasons with numerous goalies other than Price and including Price.

3- I never said anyting about the present season

4- After your inept attempt at saying it was wrong and which I proved was right, you then come back and try to twist my intent to save face, pretending I was correlating those stats to the present season, when all I did was to show Markov is more important than Price.

Lastly, it is no stretch to say Markov is still the most important player on the team, as 1- Price himself said so (I guess you know better than him, right?) 2- we don't know he won't be back to form. Most knee injured players have had significant success after similar operations (Malkin, Williams, Wiz). For now, we can expect him to come back to normal, that's the realistic outlook. The pessimistic outlook is that he won't be back to how he was before. And yes, I'll answer the question you both pretended I already answered, Habs would more likely be a 100 points team with Markov on a full season with the present lineup. The only reason you're both not seeing this, is the same reason why you both made ill-informed knee-jerk reactions to my initial post : You're both basing your conclusions on your emotional view of the team. Both of you contested my post without even checking if it was true beforehand, you both prematurely concluded that it was wrong based on that emotional outlook. Don't preach about being 'realistic' when you're not even able to take hold of your emotions and check facts to properly form your conclusions.

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